• Image of Beauty Bundle Package (Day/Night)
  • Image of Beauty Bundle Package (Day/Night)
  • Image of Beauty Bundle Package (Day/Night)
  • Image of Beauty Bundle Package (Day/Night)

Colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Blue (Colors vary)

•PLEASE NOTE: Use the charts providers. If you have a big midsection go up a size. If sizes are different leave the correct size in the notes at checkout.

-Chart 1: Couture Latex Cincher
-Chart 2: Body Party Sport Shaper

This day and night package gives you the ability to waist train at all times. Go into beast mode in our aggressive couture latex, throughout the day, and waist train at night while getting your beauty sleep in our Body Party Fitness shaper.

Get the figure you've always wanted by instantly lifting, shaping, slimming the body and flattening your stomach. Waist training around the clock, is recommended to achieve the maximum results.

Drinking plenty of water and wearing your waist trainers for 8-20 hours day/night will reduce your waistline 6-10 inches or more in 30 days guaranteed


- Lifts Bust (Breast Enhancement)
- Burn fat cells
- Repositions water & fat.
- Doubles your results
- Made Long (Latex Cincher)
- Abdominal compression to reduce waist and flatten abdomen.
- Targets Love handles & midsection.
- Tones Abdominal muscles
- Doubles Results
- Exerts pressure on the torso shaping/sculpting loose skin & figure.
- Both can be worn during workouts. (Optional)

*Please Note: For 2 different sizes leave a note at checkout

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