• Image of Slimming Cold Gel  (Fast Acting)
  • Image of Slimming Cold Gel  (Fast Acting)

Please Note: We offer 2 brands of Slimming gel.

This Cold Slimming Gel burns hard to lose fat around the midsection. when applied twice daily reduce your body measurements in a short amount of time. Combine with our Osmotic wrap to achieve a body detoxing wrap. This gel can be applied to your legs, lower back and arms.

This product is made from a blend of Menthol and Camphor, creating a cooling process that burns fat accumulation, reduces cellulite, improves circulation and generates a lymphatic drainage, in conjunction with ivy extracts. Double your results while waist training.

•Firms skin
•Burns accumulated fat cells
•Contains chamomile extract
•Increases skin oxygenation
•Stimulates blood circulation
•Reduces Cellulite
•Ideal for body wraps