Waist Training Instructions

Our Fierce Silhouette Classic Waist Cinchers are designed to eliminate unwanted fat in the midsection. The tight and formfitting garment works to mold and reshape the midsection melting hard to lose fat while toning abdominal muscles.

The Flexi-boning material in each cincher is what keeps everything in place and allows the cincher to move with you, eliminating discomfort. The right waist cincher/shaper will instantly take 2-3 inches off your current waist size, if worn properly. Include our 14 Day Meal Challenge for the maximum results!

Once you've reached your desired waist size, you will need to wear it occasionally to maintain your new figure or purchase a SMALLER cincher and continue shrinking your waist. 

It may appear that your cincher/shaper is too small, you may need help getting into it. It will have a tight fit and your body will need to adjust to your cincher. Start wearing your cincher on the 1st set of hooks if your comfortable will be able to adjust to the 2nd set of hooks without help.

If you experience discomfort, place a thin layer (tank top/cami/saran wrap)under the cincher.